Kaw Catfishing September 11, 2010

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Fished with Tommy and Tonya today. This was my first daytime trip of this summer/fall season. I'm switching over to days now. We started off really well this morning and caught almost all our fish before 1 or 1:30 and the wind shifted out of the east and they just shut off ... found lots of fish but they just quit biting. We caught about 25 and released the 12 lb'r thinking that we would catch another one bigger since it was so early but we didn't ... ended up cleaning 17 or 18 fish. I made a few stops that we didn't catch any and then this one stop I made I said .."if we don't catch any fish here I'll kiss your butt and give ya 30 minutes to draw a crowd" I was starting to sweat because it looked like I was fixin to have to pay up on that bet because we were getting hits but they were little pecking hits and then finally Tommy landed one about 6 lbs ... I said "Phew!!! thought I was fixin to have to pay up on that bet hahaha"

Tommy with a 16 lb blue

Released this 12 lb'r

Total catch for the day