Kaw Catfishing September 15, 2012

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Fished with some of my friend, Rod's pals from up state New York. Had a great time and caught some pretty nice fish ... Dewayne couldn't fish because he was having some shoulder problems so he was the self appointed Heckler/missed fish counter. He quit counting when he reached 145 missed fish which was of course a pretty bad embellishment but we did miss a good 25 sure enough good bluecat hits. Everyone with issues of their own but wasn't anything that couldn't be overcome except for Franks southpaw handicap .. he had the worst trouble of all. We still ended up catching 24 fish so it wasn't a bad day ... lots of laughing and cuttin up with some pretty nice weather to boot. Thanks guys. It was a real pleasure to meet and fish with ya'll.

John with the first nice fish about 7 lbs

Tony with one about 7 lbs

Tony with another about 8 lbs

Frank with a nice 6 lb melonistic colored fish ... sure was pretty

John with the biggun of the day at 12 lbs
Dewayne posing next to him on the right