Keystone Catfishing Sept 16, 2007

Tiny's Guide Service

Had a great time fishing with B.K. Wood, Jeff Sr, Kenny and Jeff Jr Kincaid. I explained to them about the Boat Oar Whacking and all that and how the proceedure was to take place in case a whacking would occure. I guess that got Jeff Jr. on edge or something and got that adreno gland pumping ... a fish laid down on his rod and instead of getting the rod out of the holder, he didn't think that was necessary or something or the proceedure to get the rod out of the holder hadn't been explained in detail yet and he just grabs the rod and rips upward on the rod to set the hook ... the rod holder mount actually split in three ... two little pieces of plastic were left under the nuts and washers with the rod holder dangline precariously from the rod handle ... if the rod holder could only talk I think it's last words would have been "okay .... I surrender!!!!" hahaha. I've seen this happen before but never so spectacularly as it happened today. I was in shock for about 30 minutes after that ... the precusion about knocked me out and I was in the back of the boat :/ hahaha. After I came around I said ... "someone hand me that boat oar!"

Jeff Jr. with a 6.8 lb Blue

Jeff with a 7.11 lb blue

B.K. with a 6.5 lb blue, I think it was.

B.K. with the biggun of the day at 7.15 lbs