Keystone Catfishing September 17, 2008

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with the Saling boys today, Lynn, Larry and David. had a great time .. weather was great ... caught some good fish ... just all in all a good day. The fish were biting kinda funny and a little spooky in places when we'd locate um but we done pretty good. Larry came walking up this morning with his cooler to put in the boat and it had one of those long handles on it and I said hey ,,, you can't put that cooler in my boat ... the long handled coolers can't go in my boat ... and he looked at me kinda confused and I couldn't hold it together ... I started laughing and he was like so relieved I think .. I told him I usually waited until everyone's in the boat before I started messin with their heads but I just got an early start this mornin. hahaha.

Daddy Lynn with the first fish of the day at 6.8 lbs

Then it got better from there .. his boys Larry on the left and David on the right with a double

Then Lynn with a 27 lb 6oz blue. He hooked one just before
this one that was quite a bit bigger but it came unbuttoned