Keystone Catfishing September 18, 2011

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Fished with my good friend, Pat Evans from Evan's Nursery in Bartlesville. Had a great day catching around 40 fish total... we Cleaned 28 and that made 7 gallons of fillets. You never heard the like of squealing in your life ... I never had until today. These young ladies  was having a party every time they caught a fish ... itwas a blast watching them ... Mary never caught a fish before today but you'd have never known it cause she put some really nice fish in the boat just like a pro. Melody was already a fisherperson and I think she won big fish of the day or maybe tied with Ethan as he got one about 15 also. Mary lost a really big one right at the boat and Melody also had a big one just snap her line like it wasn't nuttin. heck of a day!!!

Melody with her first nice fish of themorning about 9 lbs

Then she caught this 15 lb'r

and then a double with Josh ... caught all these fish inside of about 15 minutes or so

Cleaned 28 fish total

Josh, Melody, Mary and Ethan

Mary and Ethan