Tiny's Catfishing Photos September 19, 2015

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The Fall Bite is going to get nothing but better from here on out. This was the day after a front that came through dropped the air temp 30 degrees or more and the fish were biting a lot better than I thought they would. Seen thousands of fish. Ended up with over 20 with the biggun of the day at 22.5 lbs

This is Saturday and I'd had a procedure done on Wednesday that had my inerds feel like they were tied in knots all day... if it weren't for these guys having such a great sense of humor and keeping my mind off my pain I wouldn't have been able to get through this trip. We got out there and just before we get out there I start cramping where the doc was doing what felt like jerking my guts out as I woke up on the table screaming.. kinda weird that it took 3 days before I started getting sore. Anyhow ...we catch a few fish and Earl was back in the back hollering MammaJamma and calling people that..well not exactly that but it had M in it and an F I think. Anyhow Shane said Earl get up here and catch some fish... no I'm fine back here.... then Shane would catch another .. you MammaJamma you... catchin all those fish and not letting me catch none .... Earl get up here .. no I"m fine back here .... MammaJamma you.... MammaJamma you. Fish on....... MammaJamma you.. I'm laughing my arse off at this point as I got ole Earl figured out.... he just wanted to come out and drink beer and pee and moan and give his buddies a hard time. hahahaha.... it was a blast ... I told Earl that if he wasn't olike that I'd have probably had to call the trip off cause I was having a blast and he was taking my mind off the pain. It was great. Then I gave him my annalysis of this and his response "OH SHUT UP!!!" that was his favorite thing to say to me ... Oh SHUT UP!!! hahaha ... first favorite we've already established. Then Earl is talking about this work Scenario that Shane was involved in where he gave an estimate of how much a job was supposed to cost and then they bring roofers in to do the glassing job that Shane gave the estimate and I thought Earl was saying Grasser ...not Glasser... like you wouldn't want to get a carpenter to give you a colonoscopy.. or a welder to build you a would frame house or a waitress to address your phsycological issues or a ... EARLLLL!!! what? I got it .. I just didn't understand what ya was saying ... I thought you was saying grasser ... not glasser and ya don't have to explain things to me like a retard.... but you are retarded he sez...... hahaha. Picture a 15 minute time lapse from here and then ....Earl sez ... hey ... we need to go right over there by those logs .... I said hey .. are you taking over the guiding now... I just heard about 10 scenarios where you don't get a roofer to do a glasser's job. "OH SHUT UP!!!" I get over there and can't see any fish there and explain why cause those logs aren't really there ... they're covered in mud but there might be a channel if you want to try it ... we tried it on Earl's say so and nothing.... then we leave there and I said see that log there Earl.... that one will stand a good chance of having fish on it because it's above the mud and will give fish something to relate to.... we go over there and sure enough ... quite a few fish there and we nail several nice ones and I say ... hey Earl... what? There's fish on this log. "OH SHUT UP!!!!"

Craig with the biggun of the day at 22.5 lbs

Shane with a nicern

Shane and my main man Earl with about a 7 lb'r


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