Sep 20, 2005 Keystone Lake Catfishing

Guided trip with John, Basil and Harley. I ain't sure what happened this evening but when the sun went down it seemed like all the surface activity stopped and the fishing sucked. It was a lot of fun though .. they had bets goin for the first fish, most fish, and biggest fish. First one was caught by John ... he snagged a little bitty one in the tummy to win the first fish pot. Then Basil took the most and biggest fish pot with 4 total and this 6.7 lb channelcat. Those 4 weren't all catfish either I think counting the dinks that got thrown back we had 5 with only 3 of them ending up in the live well from about 6:30 pm or so to about 11 pm.

John, Basil and Harley