Keystone Catfishing September 20, 2009

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I messed up on reading the scales on this fish when we first weighed it. that was the first time I'd used those scales and they have a little plastic piece on them and I was reading it from the top but I took the scales out of the box several days later and seen the arrows point to the bottom of the plastic piece so I put the piece up there to 53 lbs and at the bottom it was 46 lbs so that's what this fish weighed originally instead of 53. So, it only lost 3.5 lbs by the time we got it to the scales.

Fished with the Griggs family on a different lake today. Tom, Lyle and Russel. We started out just looking around a little bit and then we came up on this spot in the main channel and I seen 3 or 4 nice ... really nice fish suspended about 10 to 15 ft from bottom and seen one that was on bottom that was just as good as those others so I positioned my boat about 30 ft up river from the fish that was on bottom and then tossed out a couple of rods with big live shad right about where I thought they'd be right in front of it's nose. It only took maybe 5 to 10 minutes and one of the rods started dipping down slowly. Lyle jumped and put his hands on the rod and I said reel it! he started crankin and the fish commenced to fighting. Lyle would gain on him continually until the fish got up about 20 ft from the boat and then he really started fighting and putting a real bow in that 1/2 ton rod and drag was slippin like crazy ... zzzzt ... zzzt...zzzzzt and then Lyle would gain on him a little and then the fish would take it back ... all this while I'm messin with Lyle saying stuff like ... what's takin so long daggummit ... are you gonna get that fish in or what? hahaha ... Lyle finally got it up so that I seen my float and then the fish ... It was a lot bigger than I thought it was ... I took three stabs at trying to get it in my net from the back side but when the net touched him he'd take off again ... so then I positioned the net so that it was in front of him and scooped it up.... wasn't no way I was lifting it in the boat so Tom and Lyle wrangled him into the boat. Lyle turned it in for the new lake record program and it stayed in the livewell for 9 hours and lost over 10 lbs. I couldn't believe it'd lost that much so we weighed it again with my scales and they said 42 lbs also. We shoulda took it up there just as soon as we caught it I guess. It'll still be the new lake record flathead

18 year old, Lyle with his 46 lb flathead, Released after we weighed it in for the Lake record Program.
Left to right is Tom Griggs, Lyle Webb and me.

Tom's boy, Russell with a puppy spoonbill

Russell with a nice blue

Russell again with a 14 lb flathead