Keystone Catfishing September 21, 2008

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with the Capeheart family today. The bite was pretty slow today as the lake was in a reverse flow situation with all the flood water coming down the Arkansas river. It was tough out there but we had a good time. Had a little trouble negotiating the equipment but if it were easy every time then everyone would be doin it. The biggest bite of the day was on Karen's rod as it pert near pulled the rod tip down into the water and Karen couldn't get the rod out of the holder ... she was squeeling and hollering with excitement and then she looked up and seen that her fish weighed every bit of 460 lbs ... Tiny had hold of the end of the line yankin on it. hahaha. Kristen put me up to it though ... she told Phil he should jump out in the water and pull on mom's rod to make it look like she had a bite ... I whispered ... "I can do that from here" ... I took one of the other rods we weren't using and used the sinker to pull the line from the back rod over to where I could reach it from where I was sitting and Kristen and I both thought she'd seen me doin it but she didn't .. so I started yankin for all I was worth and the excitement in the boat went from kind of quiet to eeeek eeek eeek EEEK EEEEEK EEEEEK .... then she seen me and said ooooh you doity wat or something of that nature. hahahaha.

Phil with the biggun of the day at 13+