Sep 22, 2005 Keystone Lake Catfishing

I went exploring again up the Arkansas and fished a little .. only caught 4 fish with the biggest at 12 lbs even, one 8, one 6 and one around 4. all were caught on bluegill fillets ... I never thought I'd hear myself say this but I think we've got too many shad in keystone ... all the fish have to do is open their mouth and swim to feed on shad cause they're super thick ... from just past feyode creek to 48 bridge by Cleveland the shad were so thick you couldn't see anything but black on the fish finder from 1 foot deep to the bottom and it's making fishing a little tough. There are a lot of catfish feeding on the surface right now for some reason ... water temp is 82 and change so that plus tons of shad makes it tough I caught the 4 fish tonight and then started gettin sick so I laid down in the boat lookin up through the cottonwood trees at the stars and got to feeling a little better and then fell asleep woke up about 4 am and the dew had soaked me ... the cold shirt is what woke me up and the boat ride all the way back down river to cowskin bay was cold cold. it was a good night considering ... lookin up at those stars reminded me of when I was a kid camping out down on dry creek.

12 lbs