Keystone Catfishing Sept 22, 2007

Tiny's Guide Service

Went fishin with the Schoonover family today, Ron (grandfather) Cory (father) Gina (mother) and son Braden. Had a good time but the fish weren't cooperating very well ... we found lots of fish but getting them to bite was kinda tough. Seems like they were biting better as it started getting later. They turned the gates on at the dam at about 11am so the current didn't get good and rolling until after about 12 or 1pm. Everyone was getting kind of tired by then too and we fished until about 3pm when I heard a heavy sigh from Gina and figured it was about time to go. Braden caught the biggun of the day at about 7 lbs. There were a few others that came in about the same time we did and allowed that the fish just weren't running today. I thought well, that's your problem ... you're looking for pedestrian fish. I think pedestrian fish are closely related to the mythical Mississippi Whats!!!???!!!??? hehehe. Biggest fish came on cut bluegill. Used cut shad mostly ... water temp 81 degrees.

Braden with the biggun of the day.

15 total ... oh looky ... Cory was showing off his Crappy t-shirt in the top photo :/