Keystone Catfishing September 27, 2009

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Fished with my friends Earl and Margaret today. It was tough going until about 1pm when I finally figured them out. In the last few hours we caught 14 fish and missed a few others. If I'd have figured them out this morning we'd have caught a couple limits I believe. Water temp was 71 degrees so it won't be long before they really turn it on out there. We went up into one area and I set out 8 rods and all of a sudden they started biting from every which a way. Had quite a little skirmish going on for a little while with rods getting tangled up with all the others and then fish hitting on the ones that was tangled hahaha. When they finally slowed down to manageable I wiped my brow and said "Phew Wee" Forgot to get a pic of Margaret's fish ... Her biggest was right around 7 lbs. Earl got a 10 and a 15 but I don't think we got a picture of the 15 lb'r ... camera messed up or something.

Earl with the first nice one of the day

Earl again with another goodern