Keystone Catfishing Sept 29, 2007

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with Father and Son team, Bourke today. Chris and his son Dylan were great guys to be out on the water with ... we didn't catch many fish but we had fun none the less. I don't think Dylan knew what to think of ole Tiny ... Tiny was trying to convince him that he was psychic and could tell what he was thinking at all times. I'm not sure if he bought it or not but I bet I was hitting pretty close with those quatrains I was spouting. Just call me "NostraTinyDomas". hahaha. We caught 6 or 7 with the biggest being 8 lbs ... I was placing baits right on their noses today and they never paid those fresh cut shad and cut bluegill no never-mind. I was thinking this is the weirdest day, EVER! Chris said it was the Bourke Curse but Tiny ain't believe in no curses but something was sure messed up ... seems like with that strong SouthEast wind and nice weather we had the fish would have been hammering today but they weren't. It was really odd. Chris handed me some money and I said you don't owe me anything and he paid me anyhow saying "You worked your butt off today so here." I sure appreciate it Chris.

First fish of the day. Dylan caught it. 5.2 lbs.

Chris caught the one on the left. This was a double we caught on our second to the last stop. We thought we were going to tear them up but we caught these two just as soon as I got 4 rods casted but then, Nothing. So we moved to one more spot and got a couple of bites but didn't catch any more.

Dylan with the same fish. He caught the one on the right.