Keystone Catfishing Sept 29, 2007

Tiny's Guide Service

Took my nephews fishing and my little sis Kim and her hubby Dewayne. Scouted for tomorrow's trip and we fished for maybe an hour or so just messin around. I didn't feel too good so we didn't stay long and I didn't want to keep them too long. The younguns don't seem to hold up too well to all the rough waves and what not either. So, short and sweet was what it were today. It turned out that we really didn't have to go fishin ... Michael was more interested in playing with the bait than fishing hahaha. He wanted to take some shad home to put in his aquarium but I allowed as how they wouldn't hold up too well ... my sis allowed that it didn't matter ... he took the goldfish to bed with him (without the bowl) so it didn't last too long either. hahaha. They don't know what happened to the goldfish and they're suspecting that Michael ate it.

Tiny's Nephews, Joseph on the left and Micheal holding the fish he'd caught. 8.4 lbs. Daggum fish was biggern him.

Michael driving the boat.