Keystone Catfishing September 18, 2010

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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Fished with Steve, Mike, Bill and Derik from the Notebook. The Good! was a great day on the water where we caught about 30 fish having to turn a few back as we had all the 30 inch fish we could have and the biggest was a little over 23 lbs. The Bad! was when I had to clean all them rascals ... made 9 gallons of fillets,,, hahaha. The Ugly was when I got a mile from the toll gate on 412 where I get off to get on 99 hwy I blew a trailer tire and like to never got that sucker changed because my jack wouldn't go under the axle when I've got a flat ... I jacked that rascal up about 9 times before I figured out how to do it ... I got it up as high as I could then I was able to put my rear anchor under the axle and let it back down on the ancho and finally got the jack up under the leaf spring and got it jacked up finally. what a work out after a killer day of fishin. Luckily I had everyone helping me lift those fish out of the water .. I tweaked my git-a-long right off the bat this morning throwing for shad and it was easily tweaked after that .. done it a few more times trying to lift some 8 and 9 lb'rs out of the water but they took over for me on netting most of them and I don't think I'd have made it as long as I did had it not been for them helping me out.

Steve with the first nice one of the day at about 8 lbs

Derik with a 15 lb'r

Mike and an 8 to 10 lb'r

Derik with the biggun of the day at 23 or 24 lbs. Can't remember

A nice double .. Bill with one about 10 lbs and Derik's 13 lb'r

Bill with about a 13

A Triple Play with Mike bringing up the rear with a mean 1 lb'r hahaha