Keystone Catfishing September 19, 2010

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Fished with some folks from Kansas today. Had a blast! Kay was the life of the party ... I asked her if she would be my bait bunny .. never replied but she'd sure make a good one keeping everyone on their toes and laughing their hiney off.  Her hubby was trying to help me out today and was contemplating casting one of my rods and he decided not to ... I said "Where's your sporting blood gone to????" I found out right quick that you don't want to dare Randy cause he launched a perfect 10 ft cast and we had to give that reel a hair cut cause he backlashed it about half way to the hub hahaha. They were also amazed as to how many pelicans were out there on the lake too. I asked Randy if he'd ever seen pelicans flying in a V formation .. he said yeah ... I said do you know why one line is always longer than the other? he said no ... why ... I said because there's more birds in one of them ...hahaha.

Kay with the first nice fish of the day

Randy with one about 8 lbs

Kay with another good one

And Kay again :)

20 fish today .. average around 5 lbs

Here's the whole crew .. pic didn't turn out too well as the sun was
glaring right into the camera lens. from left to right. Mike, Jan, Randy and Kay