Keystone Catfishing September 28, 2010

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Fished with my Cousin Roy and my youngest Son Jesse. Had a great day ... caught near 50 fish and turned a bunch back. We caught over 300 lbs total today. Weather was pretty great too. Nice and cool.

My son Jesse holding up a couple of the largest fish on the
first round ... had to stop and clean fish only about an hour and half into
the trip because we'd ran out of room in the livewell, 18 fish on the floor.

Jesse with a double. One was 11 and the other almost 10 lbs

Jesse caught the biggun of the day at 15+

Jesse was trying to get Roy to pose for a photo with his rinkydink fish he'd just caught

Tried to get him to pose with this one also hahaha

This was one of the many doubles we'd gotten today. Also one triple ... Tiny had to reel one in

Second round of fish cleaning was 22 fish on the floor