Making Sinkers and Cleaning Lead

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Cleaned lead ingots. After I've gotten the lead cleaned up I can make sinkers at my leisure and just grab about 10 of these and pour up enough sinkers to last for several fishing trips. 


This is my melting pot I use for pouring the lead into the sinker mold with pan, mold, safety glasses, block of wood, and edge cutters

After you've poured your sinkers they'll have a bit of lead that is stickin out ... you can remove this with edge cutters as shown here

When pouring lead use the utmost caution and safety as it's very dangerous if you just take off with reckless abandon. A trip to the emergency room and then burn center will not be very cost effective in trying to save money making your own sinkers or jigs.

You can purchase all types of molds from this link Do-It Molds and get the corn bread mold from Wal-Mart. I purchased my melting pot from Okiebug in Tulsa

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