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Tiny's Sinker Sacrificer

Actual size of the sacrificer
Picture of Sacrificer I was using
Latest design of the sacrificer


I use a modified Hatteras/Unitech style cast where I fish and there's no danger of the sacrificer coming loose in my cast but a pendulum cast sometimes gets slack in the shock line during the cast so I don't think I'd use this or even attempt to use this idea with a pendulum cast because if the line comes loose it'll break the sinker off during the cast.

I designed this little gadget out of necessity as I was losing a lot of big fish by hanging my sinker in the rocks on a 50# shock line ... takes a big fish to break a shock line of that size off and it usually breaks the hook out of the dropper loop instead of in between the sinker and dropper loop ... well this little gadget fixes all that. What you do is put the loop in the saddle after you bait up and you can throw the bait out with the heavier line and if you make your sinker sacrificer properly it'll switch over while the line is flying through the air. You can make these out of any stiff plastic that you want but what I use are old line spools ... I use a jigsaw and cut out as many as I can out of the edges after I cut the notch out for the loop saddle. This notch should be smaller than the picture shows ... you want it just as small as you can get and higher up than the pic shows so that the bottom sticks out to the side more ... the sinker loop should be small enough that it won't go over the end when it's in the saddle. If the saddle is high enough up and the notch is small enough the wind will catch the bottom and flip off the sinker loop and then fly through the air straight with very little wind resistance as the light line will still be attached to the very bottom of the small piece of aerodynamic plastic and the other end of the light line is tied onto the sinker loop. The mainline is attached to the top of the sacrificer and when you catch a big fish you don't have to horse him in to get him off the bottom with this ... the sinker will come off easily. I've tested this and it works great for surf rods fishing rocky bottom areas like behind dams ... once the sinker is gone they come in like a dog on a leash. This will work really great for fishing floodwater also and jetties where you expect to get hung up. I'll post some pics of some I made when I get them developed so you can see some that are in use. I use 12# test stren for the light line that's tied onto the bottom of the sinker sacrificer and my mainline is 17# USA1 ...I also use the USA1 spools to make these out of ... The stren breaks off easy when a fish hangs the sinker up ... I still get my sinker back most of the time ... I think I lost 5 sinkers Friday and caught over 15 fish from 3 to 10 lbs and didn't lose one fish due to hanging sinker in the rocks ... lost two sinkers today on an 18# blue and a 7# blue ... 4 fish caught all together but both fish might well have gotten stuck had I not used the sacrificer. I hope everyone gets some use out of this little gadget ... it's pretty neat being able to cast way out with a heavy sinker and not have to worry bout hanging up the whole rig and losing the fish at the same time. Good Fishin ya'll!!!

I think I need to elaborate a little on a guy's post on one of the boards ... he's misunderstood what this deal does. He thinks this deal voluntarily leaves lead in the water which is not the case. If anything this reduces polution and cuts down on cruelty as it makes it so you won't leave long sections of line, hook, sinker, and fish stuck in the rocks. If your sinker gets hung with this you still get the fish and all your line back and it's not intended for losing sinkers in the water on purpose as you will still get back any sinkers that don't get hung. I use 17# test on my reels and use 12# test on the sinker sacrificer. This 12# line is strong enough to bring back any sinker I throw just as long as it doesn't get hung in the rocks. One time I caught a fish that was over 30# and it had gotten stuck in line, hooks, and sinkers that were lost by other fishermen the fish was strong enough and fresh enough that it pulled all that stuff free and when I got the fish in it was not alone as 4 other fish were hung in that mess. Nearly 500yds of line I'd guess and, 4 sinkers, several 3oz weighted corks, and a truck load of other hooks left poluting the river. All this junk wouldn't have been out there if all those fishermen were using this little gadget. Some of those fish had been tangled up a very long time too.





This will have a lot of applications and the info is free to any individual to use as long as it's not manufactured and sold without written permission. 

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