Catfish Fishing How To Tips

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Here are some fishing techniques and tips I use to catch a lot of catfish and I've tried to include everything on this set of pages that I could think of and there's some stuff I've just not got around to explaining here, but I'll update it as I get time. Fishing tailwaters in Oklahoma is sometimes pretty tricky but when you figure it out it can be some of the best fishing anywhere. Here you'll find several different pages on flathead rigs, snagline technique, hooks, my views on prepared baits, dough bait , cleaning tips, knots, tips for fishing rocky bottom areas, locating fish and catching catfish along with kind of a life cycle also to explain how fish bite and why prepared baits don't work unless used to alter the fish's feeding habbits. Hope these pages help you catch more fish.

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Hook Sharpening Information
Collapsable Fishing Rig and Brute Force Fishing technique
Balloon Fishing Rig
Dam Boat Photos
Rod Building
Distance Casting Rig Featured in the 2002 In-Fisherman's Catfish Guide (Catch More From Shore)
Cork and Jig Rigging
Tiny's Sinker Sacrificer
Flathead Break Away Rigging
Snagline Techniques
Jugline Rig
Cutting shad heads
Here's a few tips on how to catch catfish.
Floodwater Fishing
Finding Where the Fish are and are NOT
Prepared or Manufactured Baits
Cleaning Tips
Snake Identification Page
Great Knot tieing Page hosted at
Tiny's Bait Tank
Making Your Own Sinkers
Reel Cleaning & Lubrication
Keystone area maps
Competition Casting Rods, Reels, & Info
Surf Fishing & Competition Casting Links

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